What type of accounts do we offer?

We offer checking and saving accounts for both corporate and personal clients.

Do we open accounts for residents?

We are not authorized to open accounts.

Do we finance local projects?

We only finance international projects due to the international license we have.

What type of currencies do we offer?

We offer US DOLARS and EUROS.

Do we offer debit and credit cards?

Coming soon.

What is the time frame of an account opening?

Upon receipt of all required documentation, the account opening process will take 10 business days.

What is the time frame for transactions?

Upon receipt of the transaction it will take 5 business days, all depending on our intermediaries.

What are the sanctioned countries?

The sanctioned and embarged countries are according to the OFAC list.

What are the account opening requirements?

If you are interested in opening an account or any other business relationship with IGB, contact us through your preferred means of contact shown above. We will be delighted to help you.

What are the steps to log in to our online banking?

At the account opening or upon request we will be able to provide you with the online banking manual.

Do we provide corporate or personal loans?

Yes, we do offer both corporate and personal loans.


“Enjoy an easy and rewardingbanking experience”