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Professional banking experts are part of our IGB's executive board

We build commercial and business relationships on a personal and entrepreneurial level through financing and international alternatives that help drive a better union between financial resources with investment and production in the USA, Europe, The Caribbean and Latin American markets.

IGB has developed as a Corporate strategy to incorporate the best qualified officers to comply with the highest standards of its Corporate Governance.

The main objective is to be qualified in every aspect to satisfy the needs of you as our client in a professional, ethical and transparent manner, protecting your interests and those of your shareholders.

IGB currently has the ideal personnel in each of its functions. Collaborators with sufficient experience and skills to develop strategies that allow IGB to keep up with global and technological growth, adding value to your needs.

IGB’s General Management has more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector in prestigious institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

General Manager – Diego Sosa

Professional with 35 years of experience in the banking sector, where the main functions performed in the third largest bank in Ecuador have been International Regional Manager, Senior Corporate Manager, and Regional Business Manager.
Additionally, during the cycle of the experience obtained in the Banking sector, he worked in the Business Banking Investments, Risks and Process Re-engineering sector.
Diego’s main strengths are the creation of new products that adapt to the needs of customers as well as the emphasis on customer service.
He has performed advisory work for prime economic groups in Ecuador in the Financial, Commercial, Investment, Risk and Credit fields with outstanding participation in an advisory at the Bank of the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute, which is the entity that controls the resources of members of the Ecuadorian social security.

Credit Manager – Arnold Martis

Arnold Martis has been a Credit Manager at International Global Bank (IGB) for the last three years.
The role of the Credit Manager is crucial for the bank in order to achieve its objectives in business growth and portfolio quality.

As a Credit Manager, you are responsible for the loan documentation, the control of all guarantees, and the administration of the entire loan process.
Before joining IGB, Arnold was Credit Manager and Operations Manager at Girobank N.V., where he worked for 11 years. As Operations Manager, he was responsible for the following departments: Transfer, Trade Finance, Client Files, Internal Affairs, Mobile Banking, and the Internet.
Before his work at Girobank N.V., Arnold worked for 14 years at ING Bank N.V. He had various positions such as Account Manager, Letter of Credit Specialist, Financial Reporting Manager, and Transaction Verification Manager.

Commercial Manager – Javier Kalvenhoven

Javier has worked in the banking industry for almost 25 years. He started in 1997 in a local bank in Curaçao in the conciliation department. In 2000 he worked as a relationship manager in the following international banks.
From 2000 to 2006, he managed ING Bank NV´s portfolio of clients from various jurisdictions.
From 2006 to 2017, he was the team leader of the International Corporate Banking department, managing a group of International Corporate Banking department, managing group of three account managers and two commercial assistants and their client portfolio.
Since 2017 he has worked at IGB Bank N.V. as Commercial Manager, managing the commercial department with a prime client portfolio.
Being part of a commercial team, you must have a strong vocation for service, attention, and good communication skills to understand the needs of clients and the growth of their business.

Chief Operating Officer – Luis Lopez

Professional with 28 years of experience, he started activities at Citibank N.A. in 1993 in the operations area. Later he worked for 22 years at Banco de Guayaquil and held various positions that allowed him to climb the organizational structure and went promoted to Regional Deputy Manager in charge of the departments of Portfolio, Investments, Internal Processes, Counters, Fund Manager, Payroll, Management, Internal and External Communications, Human Resources, Customer Services.
Then in 2016, he worked for two years at Keraminkos S.A. as Internal Auditor, and since 2018 at International Global Bank (IGB) as COO.
Luis is a methodical, neat, and proactive person that considers himself a sincere, loyal, and correct man in all his actions. He relates appropriately with the members of the organization.

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